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Drasha Rosh Hashanah (Rabbi Shapiro’s Rosh Hashanah Sermon)

Having Faith that Hashem Believes in Us Every year at the holidays, I take on three different mitzvah goals.  It’s a wonderful practice to take a small meaningful step forward as an affirmation of my teshuva and commitment to living better this coming year.  It needs to be something measurable, and easy enough to actually stick to over the long…


Rabbi Shapiro’s High Holiday Message 2022

“I was taught a month ago,To bide my time and take it slow.But then I learned just yesterday,To rush and never waste the day.Well I’m convinced the whole day long,That all I learn is always wrong.”– Phish (Character Zero) I learned two lessons this year that at first glance seem completely contradictory.  Early in the year, it occurred to me…