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Drasha Yom Kippur Yizkor (Rabbi Shapiro’s Yom Kippur Yizkor Sermon)

Honoring the Members of MMAE who Passed Away Many of you know some or all the people I will be speaking about.  Some of you don’t know any of them.  Either way, the human stories I will tell and the incredible lessons these people have taught by the way they lived is much more inspiring than any speech I could…


Drasha Yom Kippur (Rabbi Shapiro’s Yom Kippur Sermon)

What’s Wrong with the High Holiday Prayers? A Chassid went to the Baal Shem Tov in Mezhibuzh and said, “Rebbe, I want to see Elijah the Prophet.” “It’s simple,” said the Baal Shem. “I’ll tell you what to do. Get two boxes and fill one with food and the other with children’s clothes. Then, before Rosh Hashanah, travel to Minsk.…


Rabbi Shapiro’s High Holiday Message 2022

“I was taught a month ago,To bide my time and take it slow.But then I learned just yesterday,To rush and never waste the day.Well I’m convinced the whole day long,That all I learn is always wrong.”– Phish (Character Zero) I learned two lessons this year that at first glance seem completely contradictory.  Early in the year, it occurred to me…